Tree Walks: To the City!

🌳 Join us for an urban adventure with our project Potulná alej: Tree Walks! 

From Technická street to Václav Havel Square, we'll be rolling out 6 carts - furniture greenery modules. 🌱✨

Let's come together and bring life to public spaces! 🌇 Join the movement and help us push these carts on an approximately 2-hour walk across the city. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ It's a fun way to contribute to a greener, more vibrant community. 🌳💚

Date: 5.9.2023
Time: 17:30 - 19:30
Starting Point: Technická 3, Prague 6
Ending Point: Václav Havel Square, Prague 1

See you there, change-makers! 🌍✨ 
#PotulnaAlejTreeWalks #GreenCityRevolution#CommunityTransformation


No prior registration required, just come =] 

Route details: (map)

Start: Technická 3, Prague 6 (leaving with 6 carts)
Final Destination: Václav Havel Square, Prague 1 (parking 6 carts)

We need you, guys! Feel free to contact us at or for more details.

This event is supported by Prague 6 and the National Theatre.
#PotulnaAlej #TreesMoving #GreenParade #PragueCommunity #EnvironmentMatters