Potulná alej

Maker Institute and Vektor Technická join Forces to create Potulná alej, transforming public spaces in Prague!

Maker Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting polytechnic education, and Vektor Technická, a project organized by Kampus Dejvice, are excited to announce their collaboration for the Potulná alej project. This initiative aims to revitalize public spaces in Prague by creating a temporary tree alley and urban furniture on Technická street.

Potulná Alej, now in its second year, invites individuals to participate in a series of events and technical workshops focused on topics such as urban gardens, manufacturing, environmental sensors, smart cities, and community-based projects. By joining this project, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the transformation of Kampus Dejvice and other areas around the city while learning valuable skills and knowledge.

The project kicked off with a launching event – planting of the 15 trees on April, 19th. Participants had the chance to assist in planting and installing trees along Technická Street, followed by a lively parade featuring the moving carts. The evening continued with networking opportunities and an afterparty accompanied by music from a DJ. Through Potulná Alej, Maker Institute aims to create a sustainable and vibrant environment that combines technical skills, technology, and community engagement.

Potulná Alej is part of the larger #makeyourcity initiative, founded by Maker Institute in collaboration with UCT and CTU Prague. The project focuses on applied research projects with social impact, empowering individuals to utilize their technical skills and technology for the betterment of the community and the environment.

Vektor Technická, an integral part of the Potulná Alej project, is transforming Technická Street into a pedestrian zone from April to June, providing a space for studying, relaxation, and cultural and scientific events.




Technická, Prague 6