09/2023 Activities in September

2D and 3D Modeling and Design:

“Acquire Practical Design Skills: Explore courses that teach the essential principles of 2D and 3D design. Gain the proficiency to turn concepts into tangible creations, including prototypes and functional components.”


“Master Precision Machining: Enroll in courses that dive into computer-controlled machining. Learn how to design for CNC machines, set up machine parameters, and execute precise cuts and engravings for practical applications.”

3D Printing:

“Learn 3D Printing Fundamentals: Join courses that focus on the core aspects of 3D printing. Understand material selection, printer calibration, and optimization of models for efficient and effective 3D printing.”

Electronic Circuits and Components (soldering):

“Build Practical Circuits: Take courses that provide hands-on experience with electronic circuits. Learn to work with essential components like transistors, capacitors, and resistors to create functional circuits.”


Microcontroller Programming (e.g., MicroBit or Arduino):

“Code for Real-World Applications: Enroll in courses that teach microcontroller programming for practical purposes. Develop skills to control devices, read sensors, and automate tasks using microcontrollers.”


Creative Problem Solving in Digital Fabrication and Technology:

“Solve Tech Challenges: Join courses that sharpen your problem-solving abilities in the realm of digital fabrication and technology. Tackle real-world issues by applying innovative approaches and technology solutions.”

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External Higher Education Institution members are welcome to join upon request


And if you have any more questions, please contact us at info@makerinstitute.cz