Potulná alej

For several weeks, trees lined Technicka Street in the Dejvice Campus, but on 7 September they moved to their second stop at Náměstí Interbrigády. This is the so-called Potulná alej. The avenue with 15 trees planted in carts on wheels is a project of the Maker Institute, a joint initiative of the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, the Czech Technical University and the National Technical Library.

“A similar concept has been successfully tested in several German cities in the past,” shares the experience Leyla Yunis, Director of the Maker Institute, who coordinated the project in Stuttgart. “Another important perspective is to push for changes in municipal ordinances, because we need more green spaces in cities,” adds Yunis.

Potulná alej offers an opportunity to make good use of and cultivate public space not only environmentally but also socially. In particular, it aims to improve urban life through greenery and the creation of new public places to sit and relax. An important aspect of the project is the direct involvement of citizens in the activities, who can actively participate and implement their ideas.

You can visit the trees in Náměstí Interbrigády until 20 October. Then they will move to their last stop as they will be planted in the ground.

We have embedded sensors to measure temperature, relative humidity, and soil moisture, that way we are aware of the climate conditions of the place and can make sure that our trees are never thirsty. Do you want to check out the status of our trees online? Click here

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