Advanced 3D Printing Workshop: Exploring Special Materials and Enhancing Printing Techniques

WHEN: 26. 6. 2023, starting at 14:00 PM
WHERE: Faculty of Architecture ČVUT, room 152/153, Thákurova 9, 160 00 Praha 6
WHAT to bring: Laptop, mouse and a bottle to refill
DOWNLOAD for the event:

Entry: Free for VŠCHT & ČVUT
Registration is required

The “Advanced 3D Printing” workshop is tailored for individuals who have mastered basic 3D printing techniques and are eager to delve deeper into the field. Participants who have successfully printed a few objects using a 3D printer will have the opportunity to expand their skills and take their abilities to the next level.
This advanced course focuses on three key areas to enhance participants’ 3D printing expertise. Firstly, unique materials for 3D printing will be explored, offering insights into their unique properties and applications. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge about utilizing these materials effectively and creatively to produce exceptional prints.
Secondly, the workshop will address common pitfalls and challenges encountered in 3D printing. Moreover, the course will delve into the intricate details of slicing, a crucial step in the 3D printing process. Participants will learn advanced slicing techniques to optimize their prints, enabling more efficient and precise fabrication.
In addition to these fundamental aspects, the workshop will specifically focus on integrating biotechnologies in 3D printing. Participants will explore the fascinating realm of using PLA filament infused with algae biomass, opening up new possibilities for printing solutions.
Furthermore, the workshop will introduce participants to Rhino modeling, an advanced 3D modeling software widely used in various industries. Through hands-on activities and guidance, attendees will enhance their skills in Rhino modeling, enabling them to create intricate designs and prototypes easily.
As a culmination of the workshop, participants can design and fabricate their vases, combining the knowledge gained throughout the course with their creativity.
The “Advanced 3D Printing” workshop offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for individuals eager to expand their proficiency in 3D printing. Participants will acquire the expertise necessary to achieve outstanding results and unlock new possibilities in their 3D printing endeavors by exploring unique materials, addressing common challenges, refining slicing techniques, and delving into biotechnologies.



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