Open for Application: Practical Course in Creative Digital Fabrication and Automation [vol. 2] | 3 ECTS

This course is part of the DETECT! project

DETECT! Grant Overview:
Held thanks to the DETECT! grant, this course is part of a broader initiative to create deep tech talents with entrepreneurial skills. The grant focuses on translating deep tech solutions to the market, fostering a creative and innovative mindset. Graduates in deep tech fields will not only be better prepared for the labor market but will also have the ability to translate their knowledge into valuable products for society. This project aims for a significant societal and economic impact. Learn more: DETECT! DEEP TECH CREATIVITY (

Dear Life Long Learners and Future Makers,

We hope this message finds you excited about the possibilities that creativity and innovation bring! I’m thrilled to introduce you to Maker Institute’s LifeLongLearning CoursePractical Course in Digital Fabrication and Automation Course hosted at the University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) in Prague – a unique opportunity to turn your ideas into reality, made possible by the DETECT! grant and collaboration of multiple departments at UCT and Maker Institute.

Why Join the Practical Course in Digital Fabrication and Automation?
This course is designed to empower you with practical skills that complement your current studies and life skills. Curious about Whether you’ve needed a specific lab component that is not made anymore or dreamt of prototyping your own Smart Lab, this is your space to design and create.

What is the Active Learning Lab?
It’s more than a laboratory; it’s a hub for creativity. The lab at UCT Prague bridges theory and practice, offering a platform for turning concepts into tangible solutions.

Course Overview:
7 blocks | 3 credits

Block 1 // Introduction to design principles, 2D and 3D modeling, parameterization, and prototyping
Block 2 // Vector graphics, scanning, computer-controlled cutting and engraving, safety, and materials
Block 3 // Introduction to 3D printing, design preparation, material selection, and post-production
Block 4 // Advanced 3D printing methods, working with less common materials, stereolithographic printing, and post-production finishing
Block 5 // Programming microcontrollers, emphasis on the Arduino/Micro:Bit platform, interaction with the physical world through sensors
Block 6 // Basic electronic components and circuits, safety, soldering, working with THT and SMD components
Block 7 // Project Core Task + End

This course isn’t just about theory – it’s hands-on. Apply your skills in a real-world project, bringing your creative ideas to life.


Why This Course is Unique:
Our Active Learning Lab is a community that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. This course equips you with new skill sets, building on your current studies.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the exciting world of making and creating!

Ready to Join?
Don’t miss this chance to unleash your creativity. For more information or to register go to:
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