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Our mission is to empower everyone to use digital manufacturing technology for the greater good


Making bridges between academia, companies, makers and public.


Organizing workshops and seminars.


Offering maker spaces filled with cutting edge machines and equipment.

Maker Institute develops polytechnic education for all audiences.

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We empower everyone to use digital manufacturing technology for the greater good.


Our vision is to accelerate our path to a sustainable future aided by the use of creative technologies. We provide an ecosystem that merges peoples’ curiosity, with academic know-how and industrial expertise to foster innovation. We want to encourage people to make rather than just consume, use DIY principles, and bring us closer to a circular economy.

Workshop & Events

We organise workshops, develop cooperation between individuals and institutions, share experiences, and support research activities. You can book our training courses or we can develop a custom workshop for you!

Different kinds of FabLab


FabLab, (Fabrication Laboratory) is a high-tech workshop open to the public members and an educational centre in the field of modern technology. The purpose of the workshop is to make otherwise very expensive machines and technologies available to everyone by providing them with the proper training and education to use them.

Mini FabLab

Contains affordable desk-top fabrication machines. So compact, infact, it can fit regular sized table. It is great solution for schools or homes. Where there is need for FabLab but lacks the space.

Mobile FabLab

Consists of fabrication essenctials packed inside a car, van or a truck. Great way to deliver complete workspace to people that are interested in polytechnic education.

Enabling makers to unleash their creativity

Enhancing skills and knowledge

People educated

Conferences attended

Workshops hosted


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