Farewell to the Trees

The story of the Wandering Alley (Potulná alej) began in March at the Scout Institute in Rybarna, where we made mobile carts for trees during open workshops.

In May

We planted the trees and shrubs together in the carts and let them green up the Dejvice Campus for a few months as a part of the Vektor Technická project.

In June

At the Tree Talks, we talked about the importance of trees in cities in more depth and added sensors to the carts to be able to share air and soil temperature, relative humidity and soil moisture with the public and take care of trees more efficiently

➡ https://bit.ly/3AekpKH.

In September

We transported the trees to delight another part of Prague – Náměstí interbrigády.

Right now

And now it is time to say goodbye to the maples, apple trees, birch trees, lime trees and chestnut trees as they have found new homes and will be permanently planted in areas where various communities can enjoy them and take care of them.

On October 20th at 5:00 pm we will meet at the Interbrigade Square. 

  • We will talk about the #makeyourcity: Potulná alej project and brainstorm about new challenges for 2023.
  • We will remove the trees from carts and hand them over to their new owners who will take the trees away and plant them in the ground. Take gloves with you 🙂
  • We will take away our mobile carts as they will find another use during the winter and will soon become temporary homes for new trees again in the spring.

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