Petra Ptáčková & Daniela Danielis – Designblok 2022

Designblok 2022 Collaboration: Petra Ptáčková & Daniela Danielis with the support of Maker Institute team member Ondřej Kyjánek.

Daniela Danielis runs the studio and textile manufactory WNOOZOW, which weaves gobelins and tapestries, among other things. Petra Ptáčková is a fashion designer who specializes in knitwear.
Fabrics and knitwear. Two worlds of textiles, which these two artists managed to combine at Designblok and in addition, enriched with additional functions by using smart technologies, in which the Maker Institute participated with its expertise.

The half-art and half-experimental technological exhibition offered visitors of the international design show a touch-responsive glowing ball, a tapestry and a fabric-knitted swing. The entire installation was heated and interactive using CleverTex conductive yarns developed by the Cotton Research Institute. In addition, Daniela and Petra chose discarded yarns from local mills as materials for the installation.

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